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Welcome to Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System

It’s so exciting that you’ve decided to join me.

As you know, I will be sharing very powerful and valuable guidance so you can build your own successful online business.

I’m sure you’ll understand that we need to protect this for both your and my benefit.

I’m not going to bore you with pages and pages of terms and conditions to agree to.

All I ask is that you read and agree to the following and then we can get started!

To agree just read it through and then press the ‘accept & continue’ button to go through to the member’s site.

Best Wishes

YES!  I confirm that I agree to the conditions set out in the non-disclosure agreement below:

  • I understand that you will disclose information to me for the purpose of building my own successful online business.
  • I agree not to use or share this confidential information for any other purpose without first obtaining your written agreement.
  • I promise to keep this information secure and not to disclose it to any third party in any form now or in the future.
  • I will not discuss my participation with any third party, even if I choose not to continue – this includes forums and social media – without your written agreement.
  • If I do not continue with Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System, I agree to delete all copies and records of the confidential information and will not discuss Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System with any third party.

I am not under any obligation apart from those set out in this confidentiality agreement.

By clicking the ‘Accept & Continue ‘ button I agree to these conditions.

Let’s get started!