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Welcome to the Ultimate Automated Sales System!

Hi, it’s Ben here.

First of I just want to say well done.

This is an AMAZING, life changing opportunity.

I make, on average, £4,808 a week from this and I didn’t come from a privileged background or have any special training. If I can be successful at this I’m absolutely confident that you can do and I’m thrilled to be part of your journey.

So what next?

Well, you’ve seen the potential, now let’s turn that into reality!

I’ve done everything I can to try and break down this programme into bitesize chunks that you can dip in and out of in your own time. There’s absolutely no rush (it’s not a race!) but if you are able to set aside a fixed amount of time each day or week while you go through the initial setup process I think you’ll find it much easier.

Important: Keep the end goal in mind and you will be successful!

There is a setup process with this and it’s important you go through each step. This takes time but you only have to do this ONCE, unless of course you want to increase your profits and setup additional revenue streams.

Here’s how it will work:

I’m going to show you exactly how to identify you hot selling product, how to test it (so that you’re only risking a nominal amount of money) and then get you set up on the FBA system with the products going direct to Amazon. Once you’ve completely all the modules and steps you can sit back and relax because everything is automated once you’re fully setup.

Before you get started I wanted to take a few minutes to walk you through everything so you know what to expect and how to get the most out of this programme.

Please start by watching my welcome video…

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

You Can Do This!

Ultimate Automated Sales System Facebook Forum

I’ve created a private members’ Facebook forum to help speed up your learning process and connect with me and your fellow members.

You can ask questions and get feedback from me and other members.

To join the Facebook group please click here, request to join and follow the instructions.

A member of our team will then check your details and add you to the group. This is a manual process so please allow 24 hours before contacting support if you’re waiting to be accepted.

As you go through the course, I’ll provide you with resources to help you on your way. This includes tools to make your life easier and checklists to help you ensure you’re on the right path.

Here’s to your future success and I look forward to seeing your progress on the Facebook forum.

Best Regards




Ben Lee
Ultimate Automated Sales System