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Discover the revolutionary new Amazon sales system that could help you make a regular HANDS-FREE income without any previous experience…

You NEVER see the product… or worry about storage… or taking orders… packing or posting… it’s all done for you!

And yet, right now you could easily be making an average NET PROFIT of

£351 PER DAY
£2,471 PER WEEK
£10,706 PER MONTH
£128,478 PER YEAR

All this from ONE PRODUCT and in less than 30 MINUTES PER DAY!

Within months you could easily have three, five, seven or more products all pulling in similar amounts and yet you never spend more time ‘working’.

Curious? Sceptical? Excited?

Let me prove it to you… RISK-FREE

Now you can copy this proven online system and get 1-2-1 training and mentoring from a multi-million pound Amazon seller

Only a very limited number of Amazon
Apprentice Places Available

Dear Friend

Now I know how lottery jackpot winners must feel…

Imagine waking up tomorrow knowing that you didn’t need to go to work.

No commute… no boss… no annoying colleagues.

You can book a first class trip to Bali (just because you feel like it)… test drive the latest top of the range Mercedes… AND treat your best friend to a no expense spared lunch at the best restaurant in town…

Do whatever YOU want to do.

It’s the big dream, right?

Yet this is exactly what happened to me.

I can’t quite believe it, even now.

But I didn’t win the lottery…

Instead I figured out a way to set up and run my own Amazon business from home. These days I spend less than an hour a day ‘working’… checking emails and a few websites…

And all the time, money is hitting my bank account automatically like clockwork… day after day… week after week…

And now, for the first time, I’m looking for people to hand over my exact business plan and copy my Amazon sales success.

With my help, you could look forward to making an average £351 per day, £2,471 each week or £10,706 every month on autopilot from anywhere in the world

Now let me be crystal clear here. That’s profit from just ONE product, very quickly you could easily be selling two, five, even 10 or more different products, because once set up, everything happens automatically, without any more input from you.

I’m an ordinary bloke with no special skills or experience… who cracked how to make BIG MONEY on Amazon

My name is Ben Lee.

I’m just an average guy.

I don’t come from a wealthy background or have insider connections. I’ve never run a ‘proper’ business before.

For years, I worked in my parent’s Chinese takeaway restaurant just to pay the bills.

It was hot and cramped in the kitchen, and I would work long and unsociable hours. I’d come home at 12am in the morning smelling of cooking oil with a bad back from lifting the huge rice pans back and forth.

Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for the chance to work (and I still love cooking) but with a new baby on the way I knew I had to turn things around fast.

Yes, I was a ‘biz opp’ junkie!

I tried everything… forex trading, sports betting, internet marketing… you name it.

And I don’t mind admitting I made loads of mistakes and never got the results the sales material promised.

But there was one area I came back to again and again.

I’d read about people making amazing incomes from home selling things on Amazon and eBay.

I knew it was possible… but despite working hard, I never made anything substantial.

I was lucky if I made a profit at all, to be honest.

Even when I sold hundreds of items, my profits were so low they barely covered the costs.

But all this changed in 2014…

After years of trial and error, I finally figured out a way to sell on Amazon without any of the usual hassles and pitfalls.

It ramped up how much I could potentially earn – but without the need for storage space, stuffing parcels or standing in the post office queue.

Best of all, I finally worked out EXACTLY what kind of products to sell and where to get them from.

That’s when everything changed…

£197,344 PROFIT WITH A

In June 2014, I scraped together £250 and bought a small batch of spiralizers.

These were weird-looking kitchen gadgets that you can use to make spaghetti-like shapes out of courgettes and other vegetables.

They’re a healthy and fun way to prepare vegetables for cooking and went through a real boom a few years ago.

But that wasn’t the only reason I wanted to sell them.

By using my checklist for selecting the perfect product, I could virtually guarantee a profit on every single one I sold…

And yet I would NEVER have figured this out for myself if I hadn’t made mistakes in the past.

Anyway, to say my new process worked was an understatement. (Obviously, I can’t reveal my criteria here, but will show you everything in full and on a totally risk-free trial basis if you are interested. More on that later.)

By November, this single product had pulled in a mind-blowing £197,344 profit!

And it all hit my account on autopilot!

I felt like one of those lottery jackpot winners… my head was full of ideas of how I would spend the money… family holidays… cars… houses…

(Ok, I know it’s hardly an original wish list, but hey, I’m just an ordinary bloke from Birmingham!)

But I stopped myself from going on some crazy spending spree.

I’d failed so many times before I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a one-off.

So I followed the process again with a completely different product…

To my excitement (and relief) it worked…

And then I found another…

And yet, I never had to see or handle the product.

Despite adding extra products, I never spend more than 1 hour each day managing everything. (I wish I did have to spend more time, as when I tell people they think I am exaggerating!)

This is how I’ve grown my own super successful Amazon business from home.

Last year I sold over £2 MILLION POUNDS worth of products on Amazon.

And this year I’m set to sell even more.

I still have to pinch myself sometimes…

It’s an amazing feeling when, like me, you pay for a dream car with cash… buy a luxury family holiday home on a whim… or (my favourite) see the look on the face of a friend or family member when I surprise them with VIP ‘meet and greet’ tickets to a concert by their favourite singer…

Amazon has given me the freedom to leave my job in the takeaway, spend loads of time with my family, and live the kind of life I’d only dreamed about before.

I mean, most days I take the kids to school and go for a jog.

Then check my emails.

And yet, I’m finished by 11am.

Honestly, I couldn’t work longer hours even if I tried!

And yes, I now have the money (and the confidence) to splash out on the holidays, cars and other luxuries!

If this is the kind of lifestyle you’d enjoy, then…

I’m inviting a limited number of
people to copy my Amazon
selling system and start making

£351 PER DAY
£2,471 PER WEEK
£10,706 PER MONTH

Accept my invitation (it’s risk-free) and I’ll teach you how to set up and run your own ‘hands free’ Amazon selling system and enjoy similar results. And please remember this is NET profit… so after all costs. This money will actually land in your bank account.

You don’t need ANY previous experience.

You can set up and run from ‘virtually’ ANYWHERE in the world.

All you need is access to the internet and I started with £250 but I would say £500 is a good amount to allow for your initial stock.

If you’re one of the lucky few to secure one of the risk-free trial places today, I’ll show you how to:

  • Get signed up super-fast on Amazon’s FBA service (it’s really easy and you only do it once.)
  • Quickly find the hottest products (but with the lowest direct competition) PLUS a list of the products you MUST avoid (some of them will shock you!)
  • Locate the best, high-quality and most trusted suppliers for any product – fast.
  • Use a foolproof formula that guarantees you lock-in a profit on everything you sell.
  • Create your own brand for any product you sell (looks amazing… just don’t tell people how easy it is!)
  • Automate the entire process so that you only check your sales reports (no need to ever SEE, TOUCH or even STORE your products.)

What’s more I’ll give you fill-in-the-blank templates, checklists, and step-by-step instructions to make sure you get set up and start seeing results fast.

Look, you might be interested but more than a little sceptical right now. I’ve been in your position before and know EXACTLY how it feels – the excitement but also the worry it’s just one of those opportunities that won’t work or will leave you out of pocket.

That’s why I have made sure you can access all of this on a completely RISK-FREE trial basis if you manage to secure one of the limited places available.

Take a look – if you feel it’s not for you that’s ok.  Let me know and you won’t owe a single penny.

If you do decide to continue (as I am sure you will), we’ll get you all set up and making money with your first product.

Once set up, almost the entire operation runs on autopilot, with money hitting your account day and night without you worrying about having to pack and post orders.

Let me tell you –  there’s nothing as exciting as when you get that first wave of alerts popping into your inbox to let you know you’ve made a sale. (They actually make a ‘PING’ on my phone).

In fact, I remember when my spiralizer sales were going crazy… my mobile was going…


And I got so excited I started jumping up and down in the kitchen and cheering so much my son burst into tears and my wife dropped a bowl of soup on the floor!

Since then, I’ve had tens of thousands of PINGS telling me I’ve made yet another sale (and more profit)… they can come seven days a week… day or night…

While making sales NEVER gets boring I’ve actually had to turn off the PING alerts as they were too distracting!

It’s a nice problem to have though, don’t you think?

To be honest, it’s something I never imagined would happen to me, slaving over a hot wok at midnight on a Saturday night, knowing I’d be back in the kitchen doing prep the next lunchtime.

Of course, you might be sceptical (and rightly so!)

So, let me prove to you that making
money on Amazon isn’t difficult,
risky or just for a lucky few

Maybe you’ve thought about selling online before but never got around to it…

Or perhaps you tried but struggled with sourcing products, storing, packing and posting items.

You’ll NEVER worry about any of that stuff ever again.

By copying my ‘no touch’™ Amazon sales system you sidestep these problems completely.

You can avoid the stress and hassle of dealing with customers direct… storing items at home… taking orders and all the other hassles that normally come with running this kind of business… no matter how big it gets!

You see, the beauty of what I’ll teach you means selling 1,000 items is no more effort than selling 10.

And here’s why…

We all know Amazon is the world’s biggest most efficient, and finely-tuned marketplace.

If you’ve ever bought anything on Amazon you’ll know how easy and tempting they make it. You can read reviews, compare prices, click a button and the products are delivered quickly and professionally.

They’ll send you notification emails, shipping status updates and have a solid returns policy.

No wonder Amazon has become the world’s biggest retailer.

With over $170 billion per year in revenue and continuing rapid growth, Amazon is taking over the entire retail world.

This year, Amazon is predicted to sell over $220 BILLION – more than $40 billion in additional sales than the year before.

All this means there are literally billions of dollars up for grabs for people just like you

But what you may not be familiar with, is that Amazon let ordinary people like me and you take a big slice of the action…

You can start selling and let THEM do all the hard work for you.

The service that makes this all possible is called Fulfilment By Amazon (or FBA for short). As the name implies, they handle all the physical side of the business.

With FBA, all you do is have items sent to their distribution centre (it’s easy) and they take care of the rest.

  • THEY store your stock…
  • THEY take care of the sales and payment…
  • THEY deal with all sales, refunds and delivery queries…
  • THEY address, pack and deliver items…

It’s amazing, when you think about it…

You can have the world’s most advanced distribution centre doing all the hard work.

All YOU need to do is find the items to sell.

And that’s where I can help you…

I’ve developed a proven and profitable product-sourcing system, which identifies in demand products, with very little competition and (most important of all) an almost guaranteed locked in profit.

Let me give you an example…

Right now, I’m selling a product on Amazon that I found using the exact same product citeria I want to share with you today.

It took a few simple steps to determine that the demand, profit margin and availability was there.

Then I followed another set of steps (which I’ll show you) to get the product shipped to Amazon where it was listed (again, I’ll take you through this step-by-step).

Once it was with Amazon and the listing was up I didn’t have to lift a finger!

And yet this product ALONE is making me £378 net profit a day on average.

That’s £2,658 a week or £11,520 a month
hitting my account automatically

I want to stress that this is NET profit – that’s after ALL costs and Amazon fees and so on.

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when so-called ‘gurus’ only quote their gross sale figures.

You could be selling £10 million worth of products a day but if your net profit is only £20, what’s the point?

So this product is putting an average £11,520 in real money into my bank account every month.

And that’s just ONE product.

Today I have over 25 products and yet still only spend an hour per day actually running my business – how good is that!

I realise that might sound like a lot of products.

You might think it takes a lot of time and effort to manage that many. But once they’re listed, you don’t do anything else.

You just set it up once on your laptop or mobile phone then leave it to run on autopilot…

  • Someone else creates the product…
  • Someone else sends it to Amazon…
  • Someone else does all the heavy lifting…
  • Amazon take the payment… they post and package the items – they even deal with customer returns!

You just sit back and watch the orders come in and the money fatten your account.

What’s more, these products can keep selling for YEARS…

For instance, look at the sales figures on just TWO of my Amazon products from 2016 and 2017.

(You’ll notice one of the accounts is in dollars. I’ll show you how easy it is to sell in multiple markets with almost no extra effort).

And remember, this is from just two products. With a profit margin averaging 20%, that’s a ‘net profit in my pocket’ of £247,194.33 on these two items alone

And there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from making a SIX-FIGURE annual and virtually automated income from Amazon.

Now if we take the average of these two products from 2016 and 2017… AND add in the product I’m currently selling, that should give you a clear and realistic estimate of what you could expect to make on average PER PRODUCT.

Think about it… each time you list a new product it’s like adding another £351 a day to your NET INCOME.

With just 2 products, you’d be banking…

£702 PER DAY
£4,942 EACH WEEK
£21,412 PER MONTH

And if you had five products you’d be netting an incredible average £53,530 profit each month…

And yet, once the product is set up, the amount of work involved is minimal.

Amazon do EVERYTHING else for you, so you can add as many products as you like.

In fact, you could DOUBLE, TRIPLE, and even QUADRUPLE your business multiple times per year simply by adding new products… and yet still run it in less than one hour per day!

And let me prove it to you by helping you set up the first (of what could be many) repeat sellers on Amazon.

And while this can come in almost like clockwork… you can also look forward to days when sales go CRAZY!!!

This was one of those days and I’ll never forget it.

As you can see from the screenshot above, my sales were actually $72,334 for the day. The £15,330 is how much I made in net profit after all costs and then converted to pound sterling.

In this case, I got a flurry of good reviews AND it was Christmas shopping season.


I’m telling you this to show you what can happen when you get the right product at the right time.

Follow my ‘no touch’™ strategy and I’ve no doubt that you could enjoy windfall days like these too.

And the beauty of this method is that you NEVER have to compete on the same items.

There are tens of thousands to choose from.

Of course, with bestseller products, there might be more competition.

But let me share a secret with you…

There are people on Amazon with almost the exact same product as mine… yet I’m selling them for £7 more!

This is because of something I do in the setup process that makes my items unique and stand out.

These are the kind of inside secrets that you’d never know unless you had spent a lot of time (and money) testing products.

The good news is, I’ve done all this for you.

In fact, today I’m offering you everything you need to set up and run – on a RISK-FREE trial basis – an exact replica of my business…

Start Making an Automated Amazon Income

My aim is to get you set up and making money as quickly as possible.

You’ll avoid all the setbacks, obstacles and hassles that most people face… and instead can simply follow the path I have developed:

  • I’ll take you through the whole process you need to set up on Amazon, with onscreen tutorials, videos, checklists and step-by-step instructions you can follow in your own time, at your own pace.
  • I’ll give you all the tools you need to find future bestsellers, including my perfect product selection formula and checklist.
  • You’ll know in advance that each product is likely to sell. I have spent tens of thousands of pounds testing my criteria for picking products, and now you can simply copy them.
  • Locate the best, high-quality and most trusted suppliers for any product – fast!
  • Create your own brand for any product you sell (looks amazing… just don’t tell people how easy it is!)
  • Automate the entire process so that you only check your sales reports (no need to ever SEE, TOUCH or even STORE your products!)
  • Create the perfect Amazon product listings to attract buyers like bees to nectar! (I’ll give you a fill in the blanks template so you never have to figure this all out yourself.)
  • DOUBLE, TRIPLE, and even QUADRUPLE your business multiple times per year by adding new products… and yet still run it in less than one hour per day!
  • How to INSTANTLY DOUBLE DEMAND for your product AND dramatically reduce any competition – by charging more for your product! (one of my best sellers is £7 more expensive than my nearest rival and yet I am smashing them – I’ll share my secret.)
  • You’ll also get THREE monthly webinars, where I coach you in methods, shortcuts and techniques to ramp up your profits, and in which you can ask me anything.
  • PLUS, I’ll give you free access to a special private members Facebook group. This is a safe place where you can ask me and your fellow members anything, and get motivation, help and encouragement. I would have loved to have had something like this when I was first starting out!

Everything in my system is designed to show you – in easy-to-understand jargon-free English – exactly how to build your own successful Amazon business that can make you £10,706 profit per month per product.

And just to be clear, I’m not giving you a load of theory and leaving you to figure this all out for yourself. You won’t ever be scratching your head, wondering what to do next.

This is going to be seriously hands-on.

Because for this special launch, I’m going to offer something else of huge value.

I’ll go even further to help you set up and run your own automated Amazon selling machine and start making… £351 PER DAY, £2,471 PER WEEK, £10,706 PROFIT PER MONTH PER PRODUCT

If you do decide to go ahead, to give you even more security, if you like I’ll even Privately Coach and Mentor you ABSOLUTELY FREE!

For this one time only, I’m going to include FREE one-to-one support and mentorship.

You’ll have me as your own private coach guiding and mapping everything out for you to make sure you make money from this business.

You’ll get my full support and coaching whenever you need it.

Now think about this, because, without doubt, the absolute easiest and quickest way for a person to achieve their goals is to find someone who has already achieved similar results to the ones you want and copy them.

Just to give you an idea, one of the ‘experts’ I know who offers this kind of advice charges $4,000 and you don’t get any access to the course creator himself for that price.

But join me today and I’ll give it to you FREE.

I’ll happily be there month after month… keeping you focused and on track.

This is something I’d charge for if I ever offer this again, but you’ll have my dedicated one-to-one support LOCKED IN for as long as you are a member.

Sincerely, I’d love to pass on my Amazon business blueprint to someone like you. I really, genuinely want to help you escape the same treadmill I was on until four years ago.

You’ll have the freedom and know how to create your own automated Amazon business that banks you £10,706 profit a month from ONE product.

And you’ll know that you can ramp it up any time you want simply by adding more products.

How little or long you spend on this is up to you.

You might be happy to spend an hour a day getting setup and then just 30 minutes a day monitoring it.

Or maybe you want to use this to make a serious income like I have…

All you have to do is add more products, it’s easy!

Fancy going on holiday… buying a car… putting a deposit on a house?

List another product and you’d be making
£351 a day… £2,471 a week…
£10,706 each month… or £128,478 per year!

Quite frankly… it’s hard to see how you could not make money from it as there’s…

  • NO fulfilment…
  • NO orders to process…
  • NO website to build…
  • NO postage, packaging or delivery…
  • NO phone calls for you take…
  • NO personal selling for you to do…
  • NO texts to send…
  • NO customers to find…
  • NO credit cards to process…

And I’m willing to put my own time and money on the line to prove this to you.


I want you to have everything you need to make this work without feeling like you’re up against the clock.

So you can join my programme for 30 days – RISK-FREE – copy my system and see how much you could be making.

If you’re not happy for any reason, you can let me know and get a full refund.

You Can Benefit From 1-2-1 Mentoring ABSOLUTELY FREE!

But if you decide to stick with me, as I’m sure you will, then you’ll be able to get my 1-2-1 MENTORING for FREE.

This is something that I could easily charge £2,000 or more for, based on the seminars, conferences and one-to-one training offers I’ve seen from other Amazon experts.

It’s yours for free for as long as you are working with me.

And it’s for this intake only. I will certainly charge for mentorship if I offer this again in the future.

Save 50% but only if you respond
by midnight Thursday 15th June

I’ve helped several friends and family members create their own automated Amazon income.

But I’ve never shared this with a wider audience.

That’s why it’s difficult for me to put a value on what I can offer you.

Of course, I’ve checked out what other Amazon experts charge.

The one with the most similar programme charges $3,997 (£2,928).

(Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask for anything like that!)

As you’ve seen, I know what it’s like to struggle… so for this one time only, I’ve decided to do something quite dramatic.

After discussing with Nick Laight (my publisher), we agreed that a fair fee for all the training and support would be £1,997.

I think that’s a bargain for something that could be making you the equivalent of £351 net profit a day… £2,471 each week or £10,706 net profit per month from your very first product.

Especially as I’m going to offer live webinars, free Facebook group access and my personal 1-2-1 support when you need it.

However, as Nick and I are both so excited about this new project, we wanted to make it available to more people.

Reserve your place today and I’ll teach you exactly how to get amazing results fast with my Amazon Automated Sales System for just £997 (+VAT).

All I ask is that once you are making money, you allow me to let others know about your success story (don’t worry, you can be anonymous!)

But you do need to hurry… with this massive discount and the need to keep numbers very limited due to the 1-2-1 mentoring, the places are bound to go fast.

Just go to the bottom of this page and click the button and start your trial.

Start Your Risk-Free Trial Today and
Enjoy the Easy Pay Option!

I want to remove every obstacle that might be stopping you from enjoying this opportunity.

Now, while I hope you will agree the discounted launch fee is extremely fair, I know that for some it might be difficult to find that kind of investment at short notice.

That’s why, if you reply BEFORE midnight 15th June, you can take advantage of the easy pay option.

It means that instead of paying the full fee upfront, you can spread your payments over four monthly instalments of just £249.25 (+VAT).

And don’t forget, you are not committing to anything right now…

You Have 30 Days to Try Everything
Completely RISK-FREE

  1. If you don’t feel that you have everything you need to make a successful Amazon business following my step-by-step programme then let me know and I’ll issue you with a full refund.
  2. Same goes if you give it a go and just decide it’s not right for you. Maybe you take a look and just don’t feel it, for whatever reason. No problem, just let me know and I’ll refund you right away.

This refund is fully underwritten by Nick Laight at Canonbury Publishing Ltd.

But I’m confident that when your first sales come in you’ll be totally hooked and I can’t wait to help you on your journey.

This is THE best way I know of to create a genuine and worthwhile business that you can use to draw a consistent income from… something that you’re super proud of.

If you follow the steps I truly believe that you too can build a hands-free Amazon business that could make you £10,706 net profit or more every month on autopilot from just one product.

I can’t wait to help you get started.

If you’re ready to get started please just click on the order button below.

Best Regards

Ben Lee
Ultimate Amazon Automated Sales System

PS: Remember you get a full 30 days to try this for yourself without committing. I want you to be 100% happy with everything and confident that you can make this work so if at any point during your trial you decide it isn’t right for you, just contact me and you’ll be issued with a full no quibbles refund right away.

Terms, Conditions and Guarantee